Judging A Title

  At times, I am quite surprised by my judgments and opinions. Recently a friend recommended a book called The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.  As she said the name of the book, I wrote it down in my planner.  I must have at least 3-4 books on my “to read” list, but for some reason […]

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2 Things Leaders Should Never Do

That’s my face when a leader makes these 2 mistakes. I think it actually hurts my heart ❤️.  As a leader, you should always want your people/team to grow. Growing people is a great recipe for a growing business. When people feel fulfilled in their personal life, they work harder in other areas of their […]

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Can Pets Improve Your Heart ❤️ ?

A recent article by Psychology Today, states that your dog may improve your heart health and reduce stress.  The article summaries by saying that studies show that having a pet can actually reduce the chance of heart illness and blood pressure related illness. Personally speaking,  I completely understand the effect a family pet can have on […]

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boxer bowl

Pet Water 💦 Bowls: A Dirty Secret

Do you want to know a dirty little secret about your pets water bowl? According to, A 2011 germ study , pet dishes were analyzed and considered to be one of the top the fourth dirtiest places in your house. How often do you clean your dog bowls? How do you clean your those bowls? Have […]

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Kids Health⛑: A Bleach Alternative

Bleach is a household cleaner that is found in most households.  If you have ever had the opportunity to overdue it with bleach, you know that it can set you into a breathing and coughing fit if you over expose yourself, especially in a small area. Now imagine a small child or even worse your […]

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