DIY Dryer Bags ❤️

If you still use dryer sheets – STOP ✋ immediately! They’re made of harsh terrible chemicals 😳.
Here’s a quick, cheap DIY dryer bag ✨ that so easy to make and … you get to use your favorite essential oils 👏🏻👏🏻😄 Enjoy 😊

Here’s what you need …

  1. Small linen bags (~ $4)
  2. Course Himalayan Salt (~ $10)
  3. Young Living Essential 

What’s the purpose of the salt?  The easy answer: -it reduces the static. However, I know it has something to do with positive and negative charges when heat (dryer) and moisture (wet clothes) are together. I believe the Himalayan salt negates the charge leaving less static.

You’re welcome 😘

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