Essential Oils For Dogs

Our dogs depend on us for food and water, grooming and health issues. Dogs are great at also sensing our emotions, mostly through their sense of smell and that is one major reason why essential oils are effective with dogs.

So what is an essential oil?  

Essential oils are very effective when used on dogs. Essential oil’s are the liquids found within many plants, shrubs, trees,  flowers, and roots that is usually extracted through steam distillation.

Why use essential oils with dogs?

  1. Aside from consistency and technique, training is a great way to use essential oil to help dogs with concentration and focusing.
  2. Transitions can be upsetting for our animals and essential oils can help keep the environment calm and relaxed.
  3. Odor control – using essential oils to manage those smelly dog situations.
  4. During performance activities such as agility training essential oils can help with focus and concentration.
  5. And for the occasional bouts of trouble. Essential oil’s may help support the different body systems throughout your dog 🐶

Essential Oils for Dogs: Are they safe?

Keep in mind that dogs can be sensitive to chemicals, stressors, and changes in their environment. So the quality of the essential oil or the purity, is extremely important.  Most essential oils even those found in health food stores maybe adulterated, synthetic, or diluted. Purity is extremely important and determine the effectiveness and dependability of the essential oil.

What company do you use?

I researched. And I chose Young Living Essential Oils. Young living on their farms, they don’t just rely on others to source their product, they have a strict process called seed to seal, they never compromise on quality, and they have amazing customer support.

Caution and Safety

  • If you wouldn’t do it to yourself… Don’t do it to your dog.
  • Go slow, if it’s overwhelming or too strong for you – it probably will be for your pup as well.
  • Do not put essential oils into your dogs ears or eyes. If it accidentally gets in the eyes dilute it with a carrier oil and never use water.
  • Always dilute essential oil’s with carrier oils (hazelnut oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.).
  • If you see any signs of discomfort, discontinue the use of the essential oil immediately.
  • Contact your vet prior to the use of essential oil’s with your dog.

How do you use essential oils with dogs?

  1. Inhale: use a diffuser, put the essential oil on your hands and rub it on bedding
  2. Topical: petting your dog after you apply the oil to your hands, applying it directly to their skin diluted, and misting with a spray bottle
  3. Internal: dripping me oil on food or in water, or directly in the mouth or in a capsule

Did you know young living has its own Animal Scents Care Collection?

It’s all done for you – no need to try and make recipes, this kit has it all! It is designed to support the well-being of a wide variety of animals. Order the Animal Scents Care Collection here.

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