The Vacuum Smells

Anyone who knows me, knows Purification is my vacation essential oil.  It is the oil I simply use for everything and cannot live without.  Should it simply go out of stock, there would be some serious meltdowns going on in my house.  What I love about it the most is the way it rids smells out of my house.  First off, anyone who owns a dog and constanltly vacuums know that at some point the vacuum smell becomes one with the dog.  I have changed the filter several times, washed the bin, picked out the hair from the underneath roll (which mostly was my hair) and spray the entire thing (including ever crevase) to get rid of that dog smell.


When  I started to use essential oils my husband – well to put it lightly thought I was nuts.  He said things like it’s “all in your head” and “get that voodoo stuff away from me”.  Well I finally got him to  realize that he is the one not giving these awesome oils a chance.

One day I decided I was going to put several drops of Purification Essential Oil in the filter pad of my vacuum.  AND wala, the smell that exited the vacuum was pleasant.  No more smelly dog.  I was in awe.  To make sure I wasn’t loosing my mind (yet again), I chose to vacuum about 3 minutes before my husband got home that night.

He walked in the door and said “you are going to do that now”, as he looked at the vacuum in my hand and my response was “it’s already done”.  To put it simply he was blown away that he didn’t smell dog.  Now I could give you an essential oil 101 workshop to explain all the benefits but, for my husband to say “wow, that stuff really works” was enough for me.

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Basically you will be ditching overpowering and harsh chemical-based sprays and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.  The blend is safe for dogs and specifically to the boxer breed. Want to know more about Young Living’s Purification® essential oil?  Click HERE!

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