Bleach is a household cleaner that is found in most households.  If you have ever had the opportunity to overdue it with bleach, you know that it can set you into a breathing and coughing fit if you over expose yourself, especially in a small area.

Now imagine a small child or even worse your own child having that same exposure.  Sometimes smells to us that appear faint are very strong for those little lungs.

A study done in by the Occupational and Environmental Medicine studied a little over nine thousand children to report the effects of bleach use in the home and compare it to the frequency of infections in those children.

Without getting into all the technical details of the research article, what they found was the more exposure, the more infections.  Of course if you would like to do your own research and reading on the article it can be found here.

The researchers concluded that “Passive exposure to cleaning bleach in the home may have adverse effects on school-age children’s health by increasing the risk of respiratory and other infections. The high frequency of use of disinfecting irritant cleaning products may be of public health concern, also when exposure occurs during childhood.”

Breathing even a small amount of chlorine for short periods of time adversely affects the human respiratory system. Effects range from coughing and chest pain, to water retention in the lungs. Chlorine irritates the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system. So, now that you have that information – what are you going to do about it?

Here is a quick homemade bleach that you can make yourself …

  • 12 cups water
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup hydrogen peroxide


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