Betting Odds

So what does a $20 bill, a permanent marker, and a bottle of essential oil have in common?
Well for starters, they’re all cool 😎! On a more serious note. Bullying. Yup and this was bullying in its truest form. Everything from name calling to a bet.

I was called “a crazy oil lady” amongst other things. Is it true that I love my essential oils?  Well, yes. But it was wrong for someone to use it in a way to make me look bad. The betting odds were stacked in my favor due to my knowledge of essential oils.

I took that bet  to prove I wasn’t crazy with not one worry.  I showed up the next day with a bottle of Lemongrass essential oil, a permanent marker, and a $20 bill. 😳

Long story, short – that bully lost the bet and I walked away with all 3 items and an apology 👏🏻! And the best bets are the ones you get to give insight to someone else’s assumptions.

You will be amazed how Young Living Essential Oils work.  Don’t believe me 😊, wanna #bet ? 😂

P.S. if you are wondering… YES Lemongrass Essential Oil takes permanent marker off of tables!

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