What is the OolaBus?

The Oola bus is a vintage 1970 VW Surf Bus.  Basically the OolaGuys are on a mission to change the world with a word (#Oola).

They are currently on the road traveling to all 50 states collecting the dreams of others in the form of handwritten stickers which are then placed on the side of the OolaBus.



The OolaLife website states:

By inspiring positive change, the OolaGuys are on a mission to guide people toward finding more balance and growth in the 7 key areas of life – the 7 F’s of Oola (Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends and Fun). By revealing how to remove the stress related to a life out of balance, they unlock the greatness that is inside all of us. A better “you”, makes a better family, a better community, and ultimately a better world.

Here is what I can tell you about the OolaBus – it’s cool, really cool to see all those dreams.




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